In Order to Succeed in Your One24 Business, There Are Some Things You Need To Know That Your Up-line Isn’t Telling You.

one24If you are reading this website, you have probably heard the buzz surrounding the Network Marketing Company known as One24. Before you make the decision to join One24, there are certain things you need to know and understand about this company and the Network Marketing Industry in order for you to make an educated evaluation of One24, whether or not it is right for you and most importantly, how to pick the team that will give you the best chance of succeeding.

IT IS VITALY IMPORTANT YOU READ THIS ARTICLE IN IT’S ENTIRETY so you can get a full understanding of One24 and The Network Marketing Industry. It is unfortunate that 97% of network marketers fail, it doesn’t have to happen, we will address that problem and show you how to avoid becoming another statistic and succeeding with One24.

Let’s take a comprehensive look at One24

Here Are The Things We Will Cover

  • What Is One24
  • Who is Behind One24
  • The Product Behind One24
  • The One24 Compensation Plan
  • What is Needed So You Can Be successful in One24

What Is One24?

One24 is a Network Marketing Company that is revolutionizing the future of the Network Marketing Industry with its game changing, 24 month retirement compensation program.  This remarkable retirement program is intended to empower you and everyone who joins.  One24’s signature is this retirement income plan.  They are in the process of protecting it with a US  Intellectual Property Patent.  They have outstanding products and their introductory product Natraburst packs a punch of extreme nutrition.  It is nicely priced, and is highly beneficial to your overall health. One24 has some very unique aspects to the way they do things, one of the first things you find unique about this business is you have to be invited to be involved with One24.

But doesn’t everyone have to be invited to join a business opportunity?

Yes, but you can’t just join, you have to be put on a waiting list.


That’s right, you have to be put on a waiting list if you want to join One24. There’s no obligation to get on the list, and it is on a first come basis.  I’ll explain this later when we get into the magic of the One24 compensation plan.

Succeed at one24

Who is Behind One24?

One24 is the brainchild of one of the true legends in the Network Marketing Industry, Mark Seyforth. Mark was one of the original co-developers of the first multilevel back end commissioning program with over 35 years of experience in direct sales. He was also instrumental in helping get Herbalife of the ground and now, as we all know, Herballife is one the biggest Network Marketing Companies in the World.

Mark had a dream for you, he wanted to create a company that revolved around a great product but would eliminate a lot of the reasons people fail in Network Marketing, things like enrollment fees, significant time investment, mandatory meetings, low monetization, skimpy compensation plans, and the mother of them all, ATTRITION– people leaving because they can’t afford the product or they just aren’t making any money.  After exhausting research and development, finally, those issues were addressed responsibly and One24 was born.

one24 masterrmind

The Product Behind One24 – Natraburst

Natraburst is a powerful blend of natural ingredients, this blend of nature’s finest foods brings your body the important nutrients it needs. We all know that fruits and vegetables are a crucial factor in maintaining good health, Natraburst provides the equivalent of 6 servings of these vital nutrients as well as an ORAC of 4000+, not to mention it’s concentration of high quality protein  brown rice protein which helps support lean muscle mass, and loads of pro-biotics which aid in digestive health.

The One24 Compensation Plan.

Ok, Let’s get serious, we all know that one allure of  network marketing is the insane money people can make but there is only a small percentage of people who make money in the home based business industry and even a smaller percentage that make really good money. This is why Mark really put the focus on the little guy, he wanted everyone to have a chance to make money early while they learn the business and this is the real magic of the One24 compensation Plan.

One of the big attractions of this compensation plan is the amount of money allotted to the plan itself. 50% of the revenue is slated to the One24 Compensation Plan. One24 is so committed to this payout structure, the company hired an outside, independent accounting firm to take 50% of all revenue and allocate it to the compensation plan, this is unheard of in the Network Marketing Industry.

The One24 money structure is based on a Linear Compensation Plan known as the “Incentivized Referral Plan” or IRP and there are 4 different revenue streams, Silver, Green, Gold and Platinum. Here is the beauty of this plan, everyone who signs up for One24 becomes a (PC). All new PC’s who sign up after you, are placed under you and you are eligible to earn commission from them depending on how they entered the IRP, if you did not sign them up as greens or golds, they automatically come in as your silver(it will become more clear in the comp plan overview). This allows new people to One24 generate income for the first 4 months while they learn the business, this helps with retention because new members earn money quickly. That is just step one, Silver! This is such great compensation plan it deserves it’s own page so I will dedicate an entire separate page to the compensation plan so you can better understand it.

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What Is Needed So You Can Be Successful At One24

When you join any Network Marketing Business, you need to know what you will get when you sign up with your sponsor. Your success is invariably connected to this person for reasons most people never really take into consideration. Did you know your up-line has an ethical responsibility to help you succeed in your business? Unfortunately, if he doesn’t have the leadership and the training to help you succeed, chances are you both will fail.

Here are some things you need to take into consideration if you really want to be successful at One24

  • Is your up-line going to take the time with you to show you how to succeed in your business?
  • Is your sponsor going to train you with webinars, videos and other training vehicles?
  • Do they have an automated system that will help you succeed in your business?
  • Are they on top of the latest marketing techniques?
  • Do they know Internet Marketing as well as Traditional Off-line Marketing Strategies?
  • Do They Care If You Succeed?
  • Will they be there for you if the going gets tough?

If the person you are considering signing up with is not able give you a resounding YES to all of those questions, you are almost guaranteed to fail at One24 or any other Network Marketing Business for that matter.  Let me help you be one of the success stories in the Network Marketing Industry.

Succeed at one24Finally Thoughts.

Ask yourself some simple questions.

  • knowing what you know now, would you have bought initial shares of Apple Computer?
  • Knowing what you know now, would you have bought initial shares of Google?
  • Knowing what you know now, would you have become one of the Original Herbalife Distributors?

Mark Seyforth and Herbalife.
Mark Seyforth and One24.
Do you see a connection?

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one24 waiting list

one24 waiting list