One24 MLM Review

One24 MLM Review

This is a review about a very interesting company, the One24 MLM. From what I can gather this company has no quorums about telling you that the most attractive thing about this company is the company’s compensation plan, they claim to have the first IRP, Incentivized Referral Plan or linear compensation plan.

Let Us Take A Look At One24.

Like all legitimate Network Marketing Company’s, they have a product to sell, that product is called Natraburst. Natraburst is a product that has lots of good stuff in it and contains 6 servings of fruits and vegetables in every glass. Natraburst is a really good health product in a sector, health and wellness that is flooded with good products. Yawn!!

So Why Join One24.

Here is the deal with this company, for one the person sailing this ship is Mark Seyforth, he has some pretty solid credential, not least of which is, he was instrumental in helping an unassuming company called Herbalife get off the ground, last I check, Herbalife is doing OK.

The second thing really intuitive about One24 is, it is my personal belief, the management at One24 has seen what happened to some of the other MLM’s that had proprietary products, only to be destroyed by copy cat products that cost a fraction of the MLM original. So One24 has created a great product, now you can get similar nutrition at a health food store but it will cost you more than what you would pay for Natraburst.

Next and most important aspect of this One24 review is my observation that One24 took into account why people get into network marketing in the first place. It’s about making money! Mark Seyforth came up with a revolutionary way to pay the members of the One24 MLM, he called it the IRP or Incentivized Referral Plan.

The One24 Compensation Plan.

The One24 Compensation plan, like all compensation plans is pretty complicated but this plan has 3 unique aspects to it, even though there are 4 different income centers, silver, green, gold and platinum and the company has dedicated 50% of the revenues to the compensation plan. That is unheard of.

The first thing you recognize about this plan is in the silver income center, every person that signs up after you do, it doesn’t matter who signed them up, goes under you and you get a commission from all the silvers in the plan.

Next, all the people you sign up go into you green center. Another interesting aspect of the IRP is that you are given 1 green ticket per month, so you are only allowed to enroll on person into your green center a month. Again when was the last time you were only allowed to enroll one person a month into an MLM?

Next, there is this thing called the gold rush, on the 24 of every month all the green tickets that are not used to enroll someone, are thrown into a virtual bucket and those tickets are now gold tickets. If you have more than one person on your waiting list, that person is eligible for a gold ticket, if that person gets a gold ticket, they are now a member of your gold income center. This whole thing is like a game, it’s really pretty cool.

Now this whole thing is easier to understand when you see the videos and a chart, but the numbers are impressive. The green and gold centers max out at $100,000 a month each, the silver payout is infinite and the platinum center is bonus based and dependent on your ability to recruit.

Is One24 a scam?

I don’t believe One24 is a scam. I do believe that there are some shortcomings in the company lie with the online training they provide. In all Network Marketing endeavors, the people that have the best training and good mentoring are the ones who win in this industry, for that  reason I have been a big advocate of third party training and systems.

I hope this One24 review has helped you understand more about the One24 Compensation plan and the company.

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